Brand Perception and …

Brand Development – Steamericas, Inc.


Steamericas, Inc, powered by SJE Corporation, has brought new technology and the Optima Steamer products line to the car washing industry in the US. We get invited to work with Sreamerica’s sales team on a branding project: a marketing video, brand development, collaterals, and trade show graphics for the brand’s first public appearance in the US during the Car Wash Show in Las Vegas.

Brand Development Optima Steamer Line Art Graphics
Brand Development Optima Steamer Split Screen Image

… Unexpected Laughter

However, none of us knew or had seen before how the Optima Steamer works. So, the onboarding meeting started with lots of questions. Such as how dangerous steam is coming out of the pistol’s nozzle. Without saying a word, a product specialist stood up, turned the Optima Steamer machine on, and pointed the nozzle with the pressured steam coming up against his open arm palm. The complete silence lasted for a moment. Then Ryan (the presenter) burst into 80-decibel laughter, looking at our faces. We were in total shock. We thought he would BURN his hand BADLY. But, he didn’t, not even close. The steam temperature is over 200F only at the tip of the nozzle, but at eight inches away, it’s barely warm.

From then on, we knew our brand development strategy and how to introduce the Optima Steamer™ brand to the US car washing industry. So, a young and fragile operator of the Optima Steamer (played by Sena, a professional actress and a lovely person) was smiling from the trade show posters, marketing collaterals, and the product video while pointing the steam gun at her open-arm palm.

Brand Development Optima Steamer Collaterals Image
Brand Development Optima Steamer Logo Animation
Brand Development Optima Steamer Temp Graph Image
Brand Development Optima Steamer Booth Scene Image
Brand Development Optima Steamer Trade Show Image