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Product Catalog Design – California Steel Services


California Steel Services is a steel processing and metal fabricating company. Over the years, the company has developed an excellent reputation and recognition within the steel industry. To complement the recent rebranding and new eCommerce website release, our friends from CalSteel approached us with a new project – a product catalog design and its printing and distribution.

Since the company specializes in short-run custom steel products in a fast-paced production environment, it was challenging to collect an abundance of quality visuals from past custom products’ productions for our project. So, instead of running multiple photoshoot sessions, we took an alternative route. Based on engineering drawings and blueprints (provided by CalSteel), we applied 3D digital modeling techniques combined with 3D photorealistic visualizations to produce quality photo stills for the catalog. After all, it was a clever idea to bring printed catalogs to the desks of customers who usually “don’t live online,” mainly from the aerospace, medical, and construction industries.

Product catalogue design image for CalSteel
Product catalog design multiple wireframes image
Product catalog design image of the 3D model wireframe
Product catalog design cover spread image
Calsteel product catalogue P8-9 spread
Calsteel product catalogue steel roll wireframe
Calsteel product catalogue steel plates wireframe
Calsteel product catalogue P14-15 spread
Calsteel product catalogue P16-17 spread