Shaping the Strategy

Rebranding – California Steel Services


California Steel Services, a company with a 39-year history in the metal fabrication industry, chose EKADOO as a partner to create the brand’s new identity. Our goal was to help build and strengthen CalSteel’s reputation as a full-cycle and hi-tech steel fabricating solutions leader delivering exceptional products and services.

Rebranding California Steel Services Plant Top View 1987 Image
Rebranding of the CalSteel Plant 2022 image

New Corporate Identity and
Brand Mark

We aimed to safeguard the company’s heritage while emphasizing new business values. First, we shaped the brand mark as a steel coil. The resemblance was perfect, with a coil flap added at the last moment. Then, we tossed many ideas for the company’s name abbreviation typography and placement. Finally, everything clicked together with letters that looked like thin metal laser cutouts. The new brand mark fits comfortably everywhere, from the main building’s front to the company’s truck doors or email signatures.

Rebranding of CalSteel Brand Mark
Brand Identity CalSteel Corporate Identity Image
Rebranding CalSteel 3D Motion Graphics
Rebranding CalSteel Home Page Laptop Image
Brand Identity CalSteel Business Cards Image

Building Trust with a Visual Language

We created vivid and personalized imagery of real people at work for visual rebranding. Showing human emotions and being authentic was the primary goal. By simultaneously creating an effect of presence and amusement, we help establish trust and make you feel that you know the company and recognize its products and people.

Rebranding CalSteel Visuals Smiling Worker Image
Rebranding CalSteel Visuals Forming Image
Rebranding CalSteel Visuals Forming Loading Image
Rebranding CalSteel Visuals Steel Rolls Image
Rebranding CalSteel Visuals Leveling Image
Brand Identity CalSteel Visuals Plasma Cutting Image

Creating a Shorter Path to Custom Orders

We completely redesigned the website and made it accessible on every mobile platform. The key was to keep website rebranding balanced with the corporate identity guidelines. We added the e-commerce module and live chat functionality with real-time file-uploading capabilities. Thus, customers can submit project specifications and receive production quotes while knowledgeable specialists answer their questions in real-time.

Rebranding CalSteel Website All Devices Image

Marketing Videos Production

We produced a series of one-minute marketing videos. Four services promoting videos focused on their specific benefits, while the fifth video provided a brief company overview. Thus, we produced narrow-focused branded video content for different target audiences, which allowed many opportunities for online marketing and social media outreach.

Elements of Aesthetics, Art, and 3D Renderings

By employing 3D rendering techniques, we created a wide range of quality still visuals and 3D motion graphic animations to represent custom products and production processes. In addition, it allowed a significant level of production flexibility for us and budget savings for our client.

Brand Identity CalSteel 3D Rendering Image
Brand Identity CalSteel Website E-Commerce iPhone Image
Brand Identity CalSteel 3D Rendering Animation
Brand-Identity CalSteel 3D Rendering Gussets
Brand Identity CalSteel 3D Modeling Image
Brand Identity CalSteel 3D Rendering Animation