California Steel Services provides steel processing and fabricating services.
The company produces a broad variety of flat, formed or custom-cut steel products for steel-consuming industries from construction to defense.

Creating a Shorter Path to Online Custom Orders

The recent acquisition of the world-class laser cutting equipment, as well as the production orientation on precise fabricated products, required a new approach for the online presence of the company. EKADOO was assigned to perform website design services. In the scope of the company’s rebranding project, we developed a mobile-friendly and user-oriented site.

Quality visuals based on professional live photo shooting sessions and 3D product visualizations helped to create a crisp and contemporary look of the branded website. We enforced service-centered landing pages with service promoting videos. The benefits-focused videos are a guarantee of high engagement rate. They help to gain the audience’s trust.

We also added a live chat module with real-time file uploading capabilities, so that website visitors can upload their drawings and project specifications during live chat sessions and receive the production quotes in real time while knowledgeable specialists answer their questions.

By making the website visitor’s journey logical and time efficient, we connected California Steel Services with their audience on the modern customer-centered terms.


Branded website design


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