Consumers still need product brochures to make their purchase decisions, particularly for custom-made products and high-value products. When people can’t find product reviews or product comparisons online, printed product brochures still work.

What do you need to produce a beautiful product brochure? Quality product shots, well-written product descriptions, clear layout, technical specs or features, and high-quality printing is the answer.

Not having quality images is usually the main obstacle to overcome, especially for manufacturing companies producing custom-made products to spec. The short shelf life, extensive selection, or short production runs of custom-made products sometimes makes it difficult to schedule a proper photoshoot.

3D Product Visualization for Printed Collateral

When designing a product brochure for California Steel Services, we applied 3D digital modeling techniques in combination with photorealistic product visualizations. We received the product drawings from our customer, and that was enough for us to produce quality product images. By applying computer generate imaging (CGI) technologies, we were no limited by camera angles, scheduling, or the machining imperfections that are usually evident in traditional close-up photographs. For editorial content, we repurposed photo images produced for the customer’s earlier rebranding project. The copywriting work, custom illustrations, layout design, and print management were done traditionally and on schedule.

So, if your prospective customer needs some time to evaluate your product, there is still room for a well-designed and tangible ink-on-paper product brochure on his office desk.


Product brochure design


Layout Design, 3D Modeling, 3D Product Visualization, Custom Illustrations, Copywriting, Print Management.

Branding Calsteel brochure cover spread
Branding Calsteel brochure P8-9 spread
Branding Calsteel brochure P14-15 spread
Branding Calsteel brochure P16-17 spread
Branding Calsteel brochure wireframe1
Branding Calsteel brochure wireframe2
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