Steamericas, Inc, powered by SJE Corporation, has brought a new technology as well as the Optima Steamer products line to the US market of the car washing industry. Nobody knew or had seen before how the Optima Steamer works or what it looks like.
Ekadoo, LLC was invited to produce a product video, marketing collateral, and the trade show graphics for the brand’s first public appearance on US soil during the Car Wash Show in Las Vegas.

Brand Perception and Unexpected Laughter

The first on-boarding meeting was very intense. We asked lots of questions about the brand and technologies behind it. What materials are safe and what aren’t against the water steam? Was the steam hot? How dangerous is the steam coming out of the pistol’s nozzle under pressure?

Without saying a word, a product specialist stood up, turned the Optima Steamer machine on, and pointed the nozzle with the pressured steam coming out up against his open arm palm. The complete silence lasted for a moment. Then Ryan (the presenter) burst with 80-decibel laughter looking at our faces. We were in complete shock. We thought he burned his hand badly. But, he didn’t, not even close. The steam temperature is over 200 F only at the tip of the nozzle; eight inches away, it’s barely warm.

From this point on, we knew how to introduce the Optima Steamer brand to the car washing industry market. We reproduced that very descriptive and self-explanatory presentation through the entire brand development project. A young and beautiful operator of the Optima Steamer (played by Sena, a professional actress/model, and a nice person) was smiling from the trade show posters, marketing collaterals, and the product video while pointing the steam gun to her open arm.


Brand development


Concept, Storyboarding, Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, 2D/3D Motion Graphics, Rendering, Video Production, Audio Narration

Brand development Optima Steamer image
Brand development Optima Steamer image 2
Steamericas product demo video screenshot 1
Steamericas product demo video screenshot 4

A long form product video. Why?

The duration of the product video we produced was 7 minutes. Today, in the YouTube era, it may sound long, unless the video takes the form of the infomercial. We tailored the brand story for the trade show audience, and the primary purpose of it was to educate people that came to the company’s booth, explaining the basic operations, primary applications, and benefits of using the Optima Steamer. Moreover, we counted on the fact that by keeping the visitors at the booth for more than a few minutes, we would help Optima Steamer representatives to engage with them in proactive and useful discussions. As a result, empowered with the video and live product demonstrations at the booth, Optima Steamer brand literally “stole” the audience’s attention at the Car Wash Show.

The Car Wash Show: Steamericas Booth
Steamericas at the car wash show
The Car Wash Show: New Products Booth
Steamericas video at the new products booth
2D/3D Motion Graphics
Steamericas product demo video screenshot 3
Steamericas product demo video screenshot 2
3D Product Visualization
Product visualization Optima Steamer image 2
Product visualization Optima Steamer image 1