EKADOO, LLC teamed up with TGA Premier Sports to produce a video training course for TGA online franchise training. TGA Premier Sports offers many school enrichment programs for children. The programs run at community centers, parks, and schools. For each of these programs, the classes are station-based. All students rotate between stations and complete engaging tasks. Children learn basic skills in golf, tennis and other sports. They grasp main concepts of the sport’s rules and etiquette.

Training course objectives

TGA Premier Sports created this course for franchisees of their golf enrichment program. It serves as a complete training guide on business operations and expected standards of conduct.

We knew that we needed to come up with a strong narrative concept for the video course. The course trainees should understand a field of study. Online video content should deliver a franchise manual in the most engaging way. The videos should convey strong branding image and build positive training experience.


Video training production


Concept, Digital Design, Illustrations, 2D/3D Animations, Video Production, Audio Narration, Sound Mixing.

Brand image development

We found inspiration in both, the existed TGA corporate identity and the professional golf events. We used TGA’s cartoon-style characters from their operations manual. We placed those characters into 2D animations and blend them into the video content. Thus, creating a positive and kid-related look for the training course.

It also helped us to carry the brand image from one medium to another in a steady way. The energizing visuals of the golf related commercials helped to set the style. With custom 3D animations, we created news-like branded openers for the training chapters.

We wanted to convey the idea of kids being happy and entertained while they are in the golf program. We made lots of still images and used their fixed moments of proof throughout the course. What could speak better than smiling faces and positive emotions? Friendly interactions between the students and their coaches were a must too.

Online franchise training: TGA coach w students Image
The featured image
Online franchise training: TGA students Image
The featured image

Content engagement

It became clear that we have to develop a video course for people with no previous experience in this line of work. It happened soon after EKADOO team met with the course authors and TGA officials. To keep a group of 15-20 kids focused and organized is a different challenge than to deal with your own child. It requires specific knowledge and appropriate training.

To have it done, we set up two video cameras in-sync for video production. We shot all training demonstration scenes from both sides – the coaches and the students – at the same time. Presenting coaches parallel to kids was a great reference for rookie franchisees. The time-lapsing and animated graphics techniques helped to add more details and clarity. It was important for more complex topics of the curriculum.

Improving knowledge retention

During the post-production stage, we were experimenting a lot with 3D animations. The idea was to combine live video demos with their 3D animated versions.

When delivered in order, it helped to memorize complicated routines a lot easier. Live video footage provided a complete visual experience on the proper settings. While 3D animations helped to focus on important operational steps and numerical data. For the 3D scenes, we kept only important visual elements. We dropped all irrelevant visuals to keep trainees focused.

Such repetitive combinations worked well to keep the acquired knowledge.

Online franchise training TGA 3d animation screenshot 5
Online franchise training TGA 3d animation screenshot 4
Online franchise training: TGA 3d animation screenshot
Online franchise training: TGA 2d animation screenshot