DH Glabe and Associates is a nationwide leader in construction engineering. For over 30 years, the company has provided services in construction engineering, construction consulting, accident investigation, and more.

Custom Web Design with Dynamic Content Delivery

The company operates from 64 office locations in the United States and needed custom web design and rebranded website to expand their nationwide recognition. We were invited to redesign the company’s website, and we’re proud to be selected as the preferred partner.

We had to design a website to become mobile-friendly and to ensure smooth navigation through the company’s services online. We also had to develop a functionality that detects the site visitor’s GEO location and dynamically, in real time, provides that visitor with the closest office location address and the proper contact information.

To ensure efficient navigation through the company services, we produced service-specific landing pages and designed a high contrast visual matrix of services. It comprises custom icons/links representing each service. Now, the site visitors can quickly learn to navigate through the services pages whether they use small cell phone screens or regular size desktop computers.

For the visitor’s location detection, we implemented GeoIP services that correlate your device’s IP address with a physical location.


Branded website design


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