Motion graphics production was a part of the rebranding project for California Steel Services. We have shot lots of footage for five service promotional videos. The videos had to represent specific kinds of steel processing and fabricating services.

Why Employ Custom Motion Graphics?

It became evident that we needed to produce a prologue for each video, such as a corporate brand introduction. Each of the videos focused on the specific target audiences. Leveling, forming, precise plasma and laser cutting services were at the top of the client’s list.

We had to introduce the entire spectrum of the client’s services in a short and concise form. Thus, the prospects would always watch a branded company introduction first. They would become aware of all production possibilities from the first sight. Each service has a signature, i.e., defining process, which may be represented by a custom motion. To put them together you should have full control over the objects and their lighting. We decided to employ 3D motion graphics techniques that would help us do all that. We also had to produce service specific closing shots with a custom graphic design to respond to selected audiences.

There are few benefits worth mentioning. Corporate motion graphics intro and the customized pack shots ensured consistent brand appearance for all promotion videos. Such modular approach in content order was beneficial to apply over and over again. It provided a significant level of production flexibility for us as well as budget savings for our client. We will use it again, if we have a chance, for any other service or product video promotions. Use of custom motion graphics is almost always an excellent choice to make the products look best.


3D motion graphics production


Concept, Storyboarding, 3D Modeling, 2D/3D Animations, Rendering, Rigging Mechanical, Tracking, 3D Motion Graphics, Composing, VFX.

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From Concept to Graphic Design and Custom Motion

Why not make both the intro and the closing packshots blended with the rest of the videos? – Yes, but the motion graphics have to look photo realistic. It should match the live video footage in-between. To make it appear seamless, we turned to CGI and 3D motion graphics technologies. There were no other ways to have full control over the virtual camera and imaging qualities.

We created 3D models of the leveling unit, shear cutter, bending knife, and laser cutter head. Then, we animated all 3D models to perform their technological operations. After that, we made a virtual camera traveling through all production lines. With perfect timing, the virtual camera captured all key production operations. We applied particle and spark animations to make 3D scenes more believable. When editing, we managed to fit the entire corporate motion graphics in 12 seconds. It was perfect for the branding intro.

For the closing packshots sequences, we used the same approach. We developed 3D models for the promoted services signature products. Then, we created a warehouse environment and composed all elements together to make the scene look photo realistic. After that, we let the virtual camera flying over the CGI warehouse, leading to the packshot. As a finishing touch, we added 2D line-art animation with the closing tagline.

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Calsteel product catalogue product 3D model wireframe
CalSteel Product Catalogue Design product visualization image

Why Is Live Video Shooting Not an Option?

You may ask, why go through 3D and all other complexities instead of a plain video shoot for the intro? – Yes, this is a legitimate question. Sometimes, the answer is “yes.” However, when you can’t squeeze the camera into the tight space or light the scene you have no choice.
On the other hand, more often than not you deal with equipment that has seen some hard work and beat-ups. Imagine you shoot a close-up shot, all scars and discrepancies are waiting to grab your attention more than anything else. You can’t make it look as new in the real video, but you can make everything look spotless and slick in the 3D motion graphics. In most cases, the new equipment speaks better for the corporate brand. Unless you are in a garment or woodworking business and have some aged gadgets to be proud of as an owner.

The process is simple for products of almost any size. Mail us your product for taking precise measurements or 3D scanning. We will return it within 2-3 days. Next, you will receive 3D visuals of the product based on your custom specifications and marketing objectives. Call +1 (855) 435-2366 or email us for details.