Online OSHA Video Course

Custom eLearning Video Course – DHG


Our friends at DH Glabe & Associates (DHG) approached us with an idea to convert their proprietary in-person OSHA training class into a remote online training course (

We created a series of artfully-directed educational videos visually exploring the OSHA standards for scaffold users. We divided this project into separate production modules, where each module has its learning intent, features, and quizzes. As a result, the entire arsenal of visual production technologies was employed, such as live video production, 2D/3D motion graphics, digital backdrops, high-definition technical illustrations, and photo-realistic and stylized 3D simulations.

Ultimately, we packaged the final product into the learning management framework with eCommerce and online certification modules and published it online. To this day, over 5,000 construction workers have received training and certification. Seeing that valuable thing happen when imagination meets technology is exciting.