Stay engaged in every frame and every moment!

What defines effectiveness when we talk about training materials, specifically, training videos?


When the story is good* you don’t have to tell it twice

* – a quality script and storyboards come first.



Every training video production we begin with a simple concept, that any training video should be entertaining and exciting to watch. We’ve been rethinking viewer engagement with training content ever since. By capturing instructor-led demonstrations, creating animated instructions and 3D simulations, we help manufacturing, engineering and franchising companies produce custom training, instructional and explainer videos for internal and external use.

Focus on Potential Trainee

  • Training curriculum consisting of short, self-contained video lessons.
  • Branded context creation relevant to the learner.

Efficient Curriculum Creation

  • Import of existing training materials into the training video production workflow.
  • Production of executable scripts and storyboards.

Knowledge Retention

  • Self-assessment quizzes and video tests upon training lesson completion.
  • Attendance, learning pace and knowledge retention monitoring.

Training Accessibility, LMS

  • Customized Learning Management System (LMS) implementation.
  • Secure video streaming to mobile devices and desktop computers.

Instant Certification

  • Generation of individual trainee certificates upon successful online exam completion.
  • Tracking records and expiration dates for issued certificates.

Language Localization

  • Multilingual training video productions.
  • LMS user interfaces in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German or Russian.

Because of the quality of animation that grounds our curriculum, it is no longer necessary to perform in-person training for basic scaffold user hazard awareness. The 3D virtual tour gives students an experience that they would never see otherwise. When you're talking about safety, exposure to real world applications makes all the difference.

David Glabe, P.E., founder and partner of DH Glabe & Associates

The online video training environment produced by EKADOO is a top notch and does much saving us a tremendous amount of time during customer setup and training.

Terry Jeffcoat, TA Support Supervisor at SmartLinx Solutions, LLC