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At EKADOO, we specialize in training video production services for compliance, product knowledge, and customer support training programs. Any training-providing company can improve its programs using custom training videos for eLearning development solutions. You can benefit from our engaging custom-produced training videos. Studies show trainees retain better knowledge with well-illustrated, thoughtfully designed training materials.

Visual Content

Captivate Your Trainees with Engaging Visuals

How can you keep a trainee focused all the time? Especially in online training courses, where you have no control over the physical learning environment, you will fight for the trainee’s attention with many potential distractions. So, your training materials have to be highly engaging and exciting. Moving images are the best medium to grab attention and engage any audience. The entire arsenal of training video production technologies is available for your training videos:

Custom video course technical illustration
  • Live video production
  • Motion design
  • 2D/3D motion graphics and animations
  • Digital backdrops
  • High-definition technical illustrations
  • Photo-realistic and stylized 3D simulations
  • 3D interactive modules
Cost Effectiveness

Modular Structure for Training Video Production

The training curriculum’s content production usually goes through a number of content revisions. We use both Agile and Waterfall (such as ADDIE Model) instructional design practices. It depends on many factors and is different for each customer. Communicating more helps to reduce the number of revisions and push-backs. We work in close collaboration with the client’s training and subject matter experts.

Simplicity – the art of maximizing the amount of work not done – is essential.

The training flow always includes small steps, frequent questions, and immediate feedback. Every training unit has a single learning goal. The entire project is divided into separate production modules. Each module has its own learning intent, features, and specifications. This allows for rapid prototyping, branding consistency, and efficient replacements or additions.

Training Localization

Localization Services to Increase Trainees’ Retention

People learn better and faster when trained in their native language. With EKADOO, you can adapt your training to a specific region or local demographics. We provide localization services and ensure the content is native to the audience. This helps increase trainees’ retention and boost their confidence and self-esteem.

English version
Spanish version
Branding for training

Reuse Existing Resources

Corporate training should always carry a strong branding image. It is important in maintaining the internal corporate culture and outside brand recognition. Gather your existing instructional or marketing corporate content and reuse it for training. We help to repurpose it for you with a stylish and branded appearance across.

Scaffold proper tie before image
Scaffold proper tie after image