Take* your training out of the classroom!

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Convert your existing classroom-based training courses into customized, comprehensive e-learning programs. We produce rich visual content (video, animations, interactive modules) for your training curriculum, presentations  and manuals. We provide branded learning management solutions that are tailored to your needs. Cloud-based deployment, 24/7 monitoring services and technical support are standard features of our custom e-learning development services.

Make Use of Your Existing Materials

  • Reuse any kind of document (DOC, PPT, PDF) and resource (YouTube, DropBox, HTML) to build your online training curriculum.

Go Full Speed with Mobile Learning

  • Access training curriculum on any mobile device, from tablets to cell phones.
  • Benefit from device-specific content tailoring.

Employ Tracking and Reporting

  • Monitor and record all training activities.
  • Use custom reports on trainee attendance, engagement and knowledge retention.

Rich Visuals Creation

Relevant and engaging visuals — from technical animations, to product videos, to high quality images — ensure trainee involvement and comprehension. Read more on visuals creation techniques …



Self-Tests, Quizzes and Exams

Control trainee attendance and engagement with lesson-based self-tests, topic quizzes, interactive games and course exams. Encourage BYOD (bring your own device) training sessions.

Custom E-learning Development

A custom user interface, blended with a relevant learning context, creates an intuitive and comfortable training experience. Studies show that trainees exhibit better knowledge retention with well-illustrated, thoughtfully designed training materials.

Instant Certification

Generate branded, custom-designed individual certificates for printing, downloading and sharing. Track copies of all issued certificates for updates and expirations. Immediately create certificates upon successful course and/or exam completion.

E-Commerce Module

Sell your training on a per-license basis, by subscription, try-before-you-buy scenario, or just release it for free. Run unlimited discount options and coupon codes for marketing and promotions.