Demo video production with an iPhone

It is so easy to shoot videos with an iPhone and so tempting to try it for marketing or demo video production needs, right? At first, it looks like you may significantly reduce, if not entirely eliminate, the production costs associated with video equipment rentals and film crew hiring. True, sometimes it works, but very often no so good.

We have had a chance to deal with iPhone-made video footage while working on ZENESIS project. The client provided his own video resources for us to produce a series of product demo videos. Here is a list of obstacles related to the iPhone-made video footage that we had to overcome in post-production:

  1. Handheld camera-phone shakes a lot due to its lightweight and small dimensions.
  2. The image often gets blurry due to the autofocus system’s miscalculations.
  3. The image has lots of color artifacts due to the high level of bitmap compression.
  4. The lack of additional light during the shoot brings poor color contrast to the footage.


The remedy while using the iPhone for demo video production

Shooting with autofocus – or it’s better to say ‘out of focus’ –is the worst production enemy to overcome. There is no solution to make blurry images look crisp and clean. However, the issue can be resolved by placing visually sharp, high-contrast elements to the forefront of the blurry images. The split screen technique with the use of a quality 3D product visualization next to the live product shot, or line-art graphics, such as data specs placed over the blurry background, all work well and fit appropriately together.

Regardless, when you find the remedy, the cost of fixing the footage’s imperfections could become very steep and run the risk of getting low quality visuals, even after the elaborate post-production efforts, making the whole idea a lot less attractive for business purposes in the end. Read more on 3D product visualization and animation services …

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