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Any training providing company can improve their programs by using custom eLearning development solutions, because of their focus on creating engaging and pleasant training experiences. Studies show that trainees exhibit better knowledge retention with well-illustrated, thoughtfully designed training materials. At EKADOO we specialize in custom eLearning content development for compliance, product knowledge, and customer support training programs.

Visual Content

Captivate Your Trainees with Engaging Visuals

How can you keep a trainee focused all the time? Especially in online training courses, where you have no control over the physical learning environment, you will fight for the trainee’s attention with many potential distractions. So, your training materials have to be highly engaging and interesting. Moving images are the best medium to grab attention and engage any audience. The entire arsenal of visual production technologies is available for your eLearning training:

  • Live video production
  • 2D/3D motion graphics and animations
  • Digital backdrops
  • High definition technical illustrations
  • Photo-realistic and stylized 3D simulations
  • 3D interactive modules
Cost Effectiveness

Modular Structure for Custom eLearning Development

The training curriculum’s content production usually goes through a number of content revisions. We use both Agile and Waterfall (such as ADDIE Model) instructional design practices. It depends on many factors and is different for each customer. Communicating more helps to reduce the number of revisions and push-backs. We work in close collaboration with the client’s training and subject matter experts.

Simplicity – the art of maximizing the amount of work not done – is essential.

The training flow always includes small steps, frequent questions, and immediate feedback. Every training unit has a single learning goal. The entire project is divided into separate production modules. Each module has its own learning intent, features, and specifications. This allows for rapid prototyping, branding consistency, and efficient replacements or additions.

Instructional animations module
Convertible car wash configuration: a feature image for a sales training video for the Optima Steamer provided by
3D environments module
Screencast & motion graphics module
A featured image of the explainer video production for SnapOne mobile applications provided by
3D simulations module
Video & compositing module
HD technical illustrations module
E-learning content development post image
Training Localization

Localization Services to Increase Trainees’ Retention

People learn better and faster when trained in their native language. Adapt your training to a specific region or local demographics. We provide localization services and ensure the content is native to the audience. This helps to increase trainees’ retention as well as boost their confidence and self-esteem.

English version
Spanish version
Branding for training

Reuse Existing Resources

Corporate training should always carry a strong branding image. It is important in maintaining the internal corporate culture and outside brand recognition. Gather your existing instructional or marketing corporate content and reuse it for training. We help to repurpose it for you with a stylish and branded appearance across.

Scaffold proper tie before image
Scaffold proper tie after image
Mobile Learning

Access Training Content Anytime and Anywhere

Service technicians and implementation specialists will appreciate accessing training content using mobile devices, especially at job sites. Use our custom-built, mobile-friendly training modules when the hands-on training is required remotely. Customized user interfaces help to deliver an intuitive and comfortable training experience.

Mobile learning image left
Mobile learning image 2
Self tests on iPad
Attendance & Engagement

Run Self-Tests, Quizzes, and Exams

Control your trainees’ attendance and engagement. With lesson-based self-tests, topic quizzes and course exams they will stay engaged. Encourage BYOD (bring your own device) when you run class-based training sessions.

Individual Certification

Issue Certificates Automatically

Branded, custom-designed individual certificates are generated automatically upon successful exam completion in real time. You may print, download or share them immediately. Track copies of all issued certificates for updates and expirations.

Certificates on MacPro image
E Commerce on iPhone
E-Commerce Module

Sell Your Training Online, Offline or Give it Away

Sell your training on a per-license basis, by subscription, or a try-before-you-buy scenario. Distribute it for free. Run unlimited discount options and coupons for marketing and promotions. For corporate accounts, use direct bank transfers and check payment options.

Learning Management

Customized Tracking and Reporting

Track and record all training activities. Whether it happened on the computer or a mobile device, you control it. Access customized data reports online in real time or receive them on regular basis by email as well.

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