It took a while to come up with the “EKADOO” name for the company. All kinds of names were considered mostly around “design” and “digital” combinations. But, we wanted the name to evoke the emotions of curiosity and childishness. Everybody on the team falls in love with it, because of its unknown nature, having no association with anything in existence. We like the idea of a constant need for learning and exploration of new fields of digital design, creativity and production technologies to stay relevant. It is always a thrilling experience when we can bring all the skills and techniques we have into your project. The overtime, R&D and related lack of sleep are there as well, but not as important at the end.

We founded EKADOO in 2007 as a creative design studio. Since then, the business landscape has changed dramatically, and so have our skills and toolsets. We grew by learning and applying new technologies and crafting solutions for the customers’ ever-evolving branding and marketing needs. There are never two identical projects in our productions. The only part that hasn’t changed is our approach to each of our client’s needs. We listen, and listen again, and always get things done.