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EKADOO is an independent creative studio producing award-winning motion graphics, videos, and graphic design

Since 2008, we have served manufacturing companies. As a result, we have accumulated extensive experience helping our customers succeed in all stages of their marketing and sales activities. We are proud to help our customers reach their target communities, establish strong communications with their prospects, and put quite a few products on the shelves of Big Box Stores.

Selecting the “EKADOO” name for the company took a while. We wanted the name to evoke the emotions of curiosity and childishness. Everybody on the team falls in love with it because of its unknown nature, having no association with anything. We embrace the constant need to learn and explore new fields of digital design, creativity, and production technologies to stay relevant. It is always a thrilling experience to bring the skills we have mastered into the client’s project and produce valuable, sometimes surprising, results.