Look real every pixel, every move!

We deal with metal, wood, glass, plastic, fire, and liquid. We put products in action by making them interact, perform, and deliver results—just like in real life.


Creating live playground for 3D generated creatures

Every product has its own story, its own features, and its own strengths. We craft these stories frame by frame to make products stand out.


3D Animation Services

We specialize in 3D animation services to deliver accurate product representation, making them (the products) easier to understand, build, learn about and use. Products come alive when delivered in 3D format, and their surroundings are crafted to resemble actual working conditions. To make 3D objects that look real and move naturally is our goal in every production.

Technical animation icon

Technical Animation

  • Production of photo realistic complex kinematics, product assembly and dynamic processes.
  • Use of existing CAD source files and technical drawings to cut production costs.
  • Import of 3D models from common file formats like Solid Works and OBJ.
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Product Videos

  • Production of product videos and branding intros based on a single 3D resource.
  • Live video mixed with 3D environments for optimum audience engagement, interactive content and visual impact.
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3D Product Visualization

  • Quality product stills production for packaging, trade shows, marketing and advertising.
  • Use of 3D scanning technologies to obtain accurate product dimensions and cut down time to market.

Always on time (no matter how short of a notice), always efficient and tasteful and always a money saver. We highly value this relationship and would strongly recommend Ekadoo to anyone looking to improve the appearance of the products or the business entity itself.

Satoshi Sekimachi, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Sengoku L.A., LTD

EKADOO provides outstanding quality at a very reasonable price. Their creative team was involved from start to finish, helping to ensure we achieved our vision for the projects. We are able to deploy the product videos to our salesman, on the web and during trade shows. Customers have been very impressed with our product videos.

John Conrad, Product Development Coordinator, General Tool, Inc.